Are you ready?! We are excited to announce a competition hosted by Kona Ozone. The winner will get a free
“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything” – Michael J. Fox At a time when everything is bought from
It's no mystery that the air inside our homes, offices and nearly every building we enter is contaminated with toxic
Few things you need to know. Your property should be your priority! Maintaining your villa in a pristine condition has
Bye to unpleasant smell
Well, it’s not easy to get rid of unpleasant smell of fish, garlic and cigarettes. Wait a minute but ozone
Home FREE from bacteria and viruses
It’s not a secret that our home is our castle, and it’s our priority during pandemic times to keep it
Masdar City
No doubt that The UAE succeeded in building smart, eco-friendly and sustainable cities to improve the quality of life. Being
interior design trends faucet
While working on your home interior design, explore what is trendy in a bathroom and kitchen design with Kona Ozone.
Dentistry sector - Konaozone
What comes to our mind when we say “dentistry”? Of course, cleanliness! Not surprising, because cleanliness in dentistry is more
In house hygiene
Living in the UAE we follow the regulations to secure our health during pandemic times. Everywhere you go you see