Sustainability in architecture

Masdar City

No doubt that The UAE succeeded in building smart, eco-friendly and sustainable cities to improve the quality of life.

Being in the heart of cityscape perfect and innovation of interior design, UAE residence tend to go for sustainability.

Explore the initiatives inside the country: Masdar City represents the first attempt in the Middle East to build a sustainable city. Masdar City aims to reduce the use of energy, water and generation of waste. It uses a combination of technology, architectural designs and solar power to run. Using minimum energy is one of its primary steps to conserve the environment.

For example, the use of low-flow showers and smart water meters ensure reduction of water wastage. The architecture of Masdar City ensures that streets and houses are cooler than they would be otherwise. In addition, the use of high-efficiency appliances conserves energy.

The question is there any technology that could be implemented with ease covering majority of public and private facilities? Yes, there is. Kona ozone is the sustainable technology delivering eco-friendly solutions for households, office and public areas.

Supplying antibacterial effect via ozonized water, Kona ozone system covers several aspects such as reduced usage of chemicals and detergent at home being safe for all community members.

Explore the innovation with Kona ozone for interior design in the UAE.