Company is managed and operated by Rumidim LLC. is selling innovative ozone faucets suitable for household and commercial application. It is antibacterial water system with an in-built ozone generator and 100% natural and safe composition for use by children and elderly.

Rumidim LLC is a sister company of Rumidimur DMCC, an international distributor of innovative technologies, operating in more than 40 countries. Founded in 2008, the company was engaged in the search and promotion of high-tech solutions primarily in the field of medicine, cosmetics and luxury sanitary ware.

Our features:
  • Sales in about 40 countries
  • Collaboration with world leading suppliers and up and coming companies
  • Focus on innovative fields of medicine
  • At least 40% of average annual growth
  • More than 80 employees, including medical specialists and engineers
Our Mission

To supply a variety of medical equipment and products to suit all markets and customer needs. To supply our clients with their orders in a streamlined efficient manner, using our well-established logistics to pass on any savings. To introduce and inform our clients to the latest products on the market, increasing opportunities and choice to both the medical expert and the patient.

To bring the widest range and latest products to the professionals that use them, allowing for greater care to the patient.

Our Goal

To bring the best options and opportunities in order to give the best chance of success to every patient.

Our Tool

A united team of dedicated creative professionals, coming together to use the most advanced systems in the industry.

Why Rumidimur

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. A timely and efficient delivery system along with strong relationships and superior products and choice is a major key to our success.

Our product portfolio includes high-tech medical devices for diagnostics and treatment:
  • Structural Heart Diseases
  • Hemostatic Products
  • Endovascular Surgery (Coronary and Peripheral)
  • Physiotherapy (Laser Treatment)
  • Telemedicine: Remote ECG Monitoring
  • Innovative nano skincare
  • Luxury sanitary ware