UAE preventive measures

In house hygiene

Living in the UAE we follow the regulations to secure our health during pandemic times. Everywhere you go you see “wash you hands”,  “wear a mask”, “wear gloves”, “use a sanitizer”, “keep social distancing”. But are we really secured, or shall we spend a fortune on sanitizers, detergents and disinfectants?

Kona Ozone serves the Middle East market to assure ultimate antibacterial safety! Kona Ozone faucets are designed to fit individual and corporate needs.

Just acknowledge the fact: an ozonized water can kill up to 99.9% bacteria and viruses. Worth considering an alternative to conventional detergents and sanitizers?

Have a look: as foods are exposed to pathogenic bacteria, antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides in the process of growing, packaging and retailing. When fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat are washed by the ozonated water, surface bacteriaiskilled. Harmful pesticides and herbicides are rendered harmless, making food safer to eat.

Now the world shouts loud on extra mile hygiene standards, where Kona Ozone grants all interior space absence of pathogen microorganisms’ growth.

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