Design trends with Kona Ozone

interior design trends faucet

While working on your home interior design, explore what is trendy in a bathroom and kitchen design with Kona Ozone. As faucet takes one of the majorroles, let’s check out what really goes stylish in design.

Among the many things to consider when choosing the right bathroom or kitchen faucet, aesthetics is one of the most important. Definitely market shout loud for streamlined shapes, symmetry, and striking antique designs. There is no more lackluster chrome faucet and faucets with more contemporary finishes. Read below for the top 5 faucet finishes trends that will be shaping the market of interior design in the UAE.

  1. Matte Black – oh yeah, that color drove everyone crazy: stylish, reach, elegant, just name it, we all need to test it in different facilities
  2. Elegant Gold – Stainless steel finishes and accessories are a thing of the past. It is being replaced by champagne bronze and elegant gold for a beautiful, high-end look. Do you like it like we do?
  3. Rose Gold – Creativity has no boundaries and homeowners and architects have recently been showcasing rose gold finishes into their designs.
  4. Eco concepts and innovation – you truly can’t impress anyone with design anymore. Let the innovation bring attention to your projects.

Kona Ozone are the first ozone faucets with internal design that delivers ozonized water.

The ozone faucet provides us all with a better and healthier lifestyle. This is not only a beautiful faucet but it is a faucet with performance and benefits unmatched anywhere else in the market that sets the benchmark for future faucets expectations to be delivered to.

Kona focus on innovation. Kona invents a new technology of combining ozone generator with a faucet together, which makes its operation simpler than traditional ozone sanitizer.


Technology is always a trend – become a trendsetter in the UAE interior design