Having your villa or apartment in the UAE?

Having your villa or apartment in the UAE?

Few things you need to know.

Your property should be your priority!

Maintaining your villa in a pristine condition has always been important, a bit more today post Covid-19 challenges around the world. A clean and germ-free home is a good way to ensure you and your family stay healthy and safe from sickness. This is of course a bigger challenge when staying at your villa considering the size and the total square feet.


The wake of the recent Covid-19 outbreak in many parts of the world, your germ-free home can make all the difference in keeping you and your loved ones protected. If you’re wondering how to disinfect your house from germs, we have a handful of tips to help you with it:


  1. Most Important – Keep your HANDS Clean

We all know that the coronavirus spreads quickly everywhere we touch our hands. That is why it is more important than anything else to regularly clean our hands. This is clearly the first and most significant rule to stop getting coronavirus into the home environment.


  1. Keep your shoes out of your HOUSE

You should always take your shoes off and leave them outside before entering your villa, even though you need to go out and think you are taking all the steps when you are outside. Really, this is significant. Especially if you have a small kid at home, because the favorite thing for kids is to play anywhere, you should pay your child particular attention to this rule.


  1. Deep clean the KITCHEN

A clean kitchen is still stressed over, no matter where you look for tips on how to disinfect your house. It’s where you prepare your food, store your utensils and tableware, and eat it sometimes, too. Particularly the table, the stove and the sink, you just cannot afford to leave it unclean.


Kona helps you with one simple solution, i.e. ozonized water for your kitchen and bathroom. Effectively eliminate bacteria on hands, fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. Remove harmful pesticides from the food you eat. Good hygiene is the most important part of our life today, let Kona solve your major problem and you take care of the rest.