How to clean and maintain
  1. Shut off the water supply before removing the faucet.
  2. To maintain product brightness, it’s suggested using a sponge or a soft towel with some water or gentle cleaner clean away grime or dirt on surface.
  3. Avoid using any strong cleaner to prevent damage of the product surface and reduction of the product lifespan.
Notice and brief trouble shooting guide
  1. When the ozone generator is not activated (blue light is off and no ozone smell), check if the device is placed upright.
  2. When no water flows out, please ensure if the water supply has been turned on.
  3. If less water flow, check if there is any blockage on the filter of stainless-steel hoses and aerator. Cleaning it regularly is suggested.
  4. When no hot water flow, check whether the water pressure needs to be adjusted. Ask a license plumber for a help.
  5. Cartridge should be repaired and replaced by a licensed plumber.