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How to protect yourself and your beloved ones with help of in-house antiseptic built-in in the faucet

Despite strict measures taken to isolate citizens across the globe, the coronavirus infection still remains a threat to every person. In the current situation, it is important to stay calm, make your home safe and comply with simple prevention rules: minimize external contacts, wash your hands often, wear a mask in a room with limited space, including entrances, elevators, corridors, where there is a high risk of contact with viruses in the air and on surfaces.

The same applies to transport and public places with a high density of people per unit area. Important is to control your movements – it is necessary to do utmost to exclude touching the face.

Keeping yourself isolated by yourself and your family members cannot guarantee that the virus will not get into your home. There is minor chance to avoid absolutely all contacts, as any person is forced to leave the house to the store, take out garbage, walk the dog. In one way or another, he will have to take the handle of the front door to the entrance, enter the elevator and press buttons. Even contactless product transfer does not look absolutely safe – viruses may remain on the surface of packages. Unfortunately, not everyoneis conscious of the situation. Some of people do not want to sit at home, others do not consider that’s necessary to wash their hands. And someone just leaves the house, already being carriers of coronavirus (even not knowing about it). As a result, one person can infect many others at no time.

A new type of coronavirus, like any other viruses, do not live in the air on its own, it necessarily needs a carrier. The carrier of infection can be in coughing, sneezing and even in normal breathing infects the surrounding space, as the virus remains in the air of the premises from a few minutes to several hours, and on objects, walls, handrails, buttons, things – up to 48 hours. Thus, the lack of direct contact with the carrier does not mean that the virus will not enter your home. It can be easily brought on top of the clothes, shoes, bag, smartphone, keys, and that’s more than enough, on those items that we actively use in public places.

That’s why it is so important immediately, while entering your house, to remove a mask, remove gloves from your hands, remove your clothes and go straight to a bathroom, where you wash your hands and face carefully. Afterwards it’s highly recommended to wash the mucous membranes of the nose, nasopharynx, mouth and eye with at least water, and ideally an antiseptic fluid acceptable to the corresponding mucous membranes. This simple ritual is the third level of protection and allows to destroy foreign microorganisms that may have entered the mucous membranes, but have not yet had time to infect you with any disease.

Strict adherence to the above sequential actions can protect you and your family. However even if the virus has managed to pass through all your levels of protection, there is a high probability that you will weaken the attack on your body by destroying most of the viral particles that can hit target cells. Then it’s up to your healthy immune response. With this approach, we have a chance to develop both personal and group immunity.

The question arises: what can be done to achieve such a result? How to protect yourself, relatives and your home as much as possible in case of catastrophic shortage of antiseptics when the situation requires the constant disinfection of hands, face, mucous membranes, keys, smartphones, other personal things? How can you easily and efficiently process packages of just brought home products, door handles, switches, bags, shoes? How can you protect your own home, your family during the epidemic?

The answer is a natural antiseptic.

A worthy alternative for disinfection is water concentrated with ozone. The universal antiseptic properties of ozone have been well-known and well-studied since long. The active antiseptic component is atomic oxygen, that is the result of the natural breakdown of ozone having a strong oxidative capacity.  The destructive effect on pathogens is provided in 10-20 seconds of exposure to ozone dissolved in water. Proven fact:  99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi are destroyed.

In fact, ozonized water can be seen as a natural, absolutely eco-friendly, universal antiseptic comparable by power to any complex chemical antiseptics. A huge advantage is safety of use on the skin and for the sanitization of mucous membranes. All can be washed, rinsed,even throat and mouth, nose and eyes.

To have ozone dissolved in water, there is a Kona Ozone faucet ozonation system approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) as a device to produce an effective and safe antiseptic agent.

The Kona Ozone faucet system is indispensable at home, especially during pandemic where disinfection should be performed often.

The action is based on a unique patented technology of generating ozone entering the water in the form of nano bubbles, which ensures its stable effective concentration, excluding uncontrolled release of gas.

Ozone nano bubbles are a unique antiseptic component,  which can easily, quickly and, above all, effectively, minimize the risks of infection spreading in your home. Ozonized water cleans contaminated surfaces in just 10 seconds. Home cleaning with ozonized water will help to improve the quality of not only all surfaces, but also an air.

The Kona Ozone faucet system is ozonized water straight from the tap. It is a stylish faucet with an ozone generation system connected to it. Devices ideally fit into interiors of kitchens, bathrooms, bathrooms and have exclusive functionality. The ozone generator itself is a small device the size of an adult ‘s palm and is compactly mounted under a wash.

The main advantages of Kona Zone are:

– Efficacy against pathogenic microorganisms. Ozone is contained in water precisely in the concentration that is capable of destroying 99.9% of microorganisms in 10-30 seconds;

– Human safety: ozone generation is based on patented technology that prevents uncontrolled release of active oxygen, which ensures low level of ozone in the room air, which meets international standards;

– Quality: the faucet is made of high-quality brass with noble coating “matte nickel.” The device does not require regular maintenance and permanent replacement of components. The life of the ozone generator at home is not less than three years;

– Cost: save money on detergents and antiseptics!

In light of recent coronavirus situation, when coming home, it is necessary to wash your hands carefully and carry out sanitization of the oral cavity and nasopharynx – and for this purpose dissolved ozone serves this purpose at its best.

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